Escape Nation

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Escape Nation

Room 1: The Citadel

The year is 2321, Earths population has spread out into space. Mega-corporations have built space stations throughout the galaxy.

You have not long arrived on-board a Citadel class space station owned by the Federal Defence Union (FDU). The main function of this Citadel is scientific research and development.

The night you arrived, the stations Artificial Intelligence (AI) was beginning to malfunction. And now, only one week later, the Citadel's main power has just shutdown, and the backup generator has come online.

The doors won't open, communications don't work, and you can hear some unusual noises from other parts of the space station.

Can you escape before the backup generator goes offline and you're trapped on-board forever?

Room 2: Incognito's Secret Lair

Playing the role of an extra special secret agent, from the Super Duper Secret Agent Service. You've heard that master villain, Dr.Incognito, is nearly ready to launch their evil plans for total world domination.

The location of Dr.Incognito's Secret Lair has been identified. You've been sent on a Totally Terrific Top Secret Mission to stop them.

Equipped with nothing but your wits and your brilliant brain, you must correctly identify the real Dr.Incognito. Only with the correct identity will you be able to stop their evil plans for world domination. Various challenges await!

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Location Address
1st Floor
18 Martin Street
Price per room:
2 Players - £48
3 Players - £60
4 Players - £72
5 Players - £80
6 Players - £90
Family Friendly
Group Friendly
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